Stand Up Paddle Board – 4 Golden Rules


tand Up Paddle Board 4 Golden Rules

Stand up paddle boarding is no different to other sports and activities – taking time to learn the right technique will pay dividends for you. The right technique will make it easier to paddle, will allow you to paddle for longer and, as you will get less fatigued, it will keep you safer. Mistakes often happen when you are exhausted and your concentration lapses.

To help you learn the right techniques for stand up paddle boarding we have 4 golden rules which, when followed correctly, will ensure you have an easier and more enjoyable time on the water. These golden rules will give you a great foundation for everything you do on your SUP.

First Golden Rule – It’s All About Position

Establishing the correct position on your paddle board will really help you use your core muscles for paddling, instead of your arms (more on that later). In turn, this helps reduce the risk of a back injury and makes each stroke you make more effective. It goes like this – bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight. Bending your knees allows your legs to act as shock absorbers which helps you immensely in keeping your balance.

Second Golden Rule – Plant Your Blade

OK, so it’s not just plant your SUP blade in the water. It’s making sure you plant your blade all the way in to the water. Why? Because when it is fully planted in the water you get the maximum amount of power from your blade with each stroke. It also means you have an additional point of contact with the water and this helps keep you more stable.

Third Golden Rule – It’s All About the Core

Why is it so important to use your core muscles while paddle boarding? Because your core muscles are the biggest source of power in your body and when you use your core it means you can paddle for longer and further. If you don’t use your core to paddle then you will be using your arms, a common mistake when you are starting to stand up paddle board.

As your arms are not as strong as your core, you will get tired quicker. When you are using you core you will find it is easier to keep the paddle shaft at the right angle which again will help you get more out of each stroke.

Fourth Golden Rule – Be Quiet

Well you can talk but try and keep your SUP board quiet. What do we mean by keeping your paddle board quiet? This is about keeping your board level on the water with neither the front nor the back being raised into the air. Keeping your board level will help it move through the water easier, this is usually achieved by using your feet and legs to keep the board stable as you paddle.

There you go, four simple rules to help you get the most out of stand up paddle boarding. Don’t just take our word for it, try these techniques for yourself next time you are in your SUP and see what results you get.