How to Take Care of Your SUPSUP Care

When you consider how much you spend on your stand up paddle board it makes sense that should take care of it. Keeping your SUP in good condition will keep it performing as it should be. It will last longer and means you will spend less on replacement parts. Ultimately it means you will save money.

Rinse Your Board After Use

I know, you might be a bit tired from all that paddling or you are a bit pushed for time as you spent a little longer on the water than you planned. Taking just a few minutes to rinse your paddle board after you use it is quick and easy and will wash off any salt, grime or boat fuel which may have been in the water. Giving it a quick dry is also a good idea, particularly if it is sunny where you are.

Keep Your SUP out of The Sun

Exposing your SUP to direct sunlight can lead to your board overheating which can cause cracking and splitting. In addition to that the UV rays will cause your board to become discoloured. If you can’t put it in the shade then take a paddle board bag with you to put it in. Board bags are usually reflective on the outside and help protect you board from the sun’s harmful rays. However, make sure your board is dry before you put it in your bag as a wet board will create moisture which can create problems with the epoxy shell.

It’s Time to Clean Your SUP

Your SUP board needs a regular clean, we would recommend you clean it every month. Blue Goo from ONIT Pro has always served me well. It removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation and salt build-up. If you are going to store your board for any length of time then we recommend you clean it before you put it into storage.

Check your Stand Up Paddle Board for Damage

We recommend you check your board for damage after every paddle. That way you will pick up on the small, minor scratches and cracks before they turn into a bigger problem for you. For minor scratches and cracks you will be able to repair them yourself as it is relatively easy to do. Ding Dough by Surftech is easy to use and cheap to buy.

If you don’t check your board and therefore don’t spot these minor issues then they can turn into bigger issues and you will need to have it repaired professionally which is obviously going to cost you more of your hard earned dollars. Spend a little time to check and repair your board will save you money in the long run.

Remember to Clean the Fins

As you know all, stand up paddle board fins are removable so when you clean your board it is good practice to also clean the fin and the fin box. Getting all the dirt, sand and other debris out of your fin box will make it easier to remove and attach your fin. Yes, I know it’s another job but do this regularly and it will just take you a couple of minutes.